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An Experiment in Trust

Imagine a form of giving that is rooted in trust and transparency. You receive a no-strings-attached gift from someone you trust; leveraging this unconditional gift, you pay-itforward in your local community. As an expression of gratitude, you creatively blog the process and share stories -- onlookers get engaged and the (r)evolution continues organically! More…

What happens then? When philanthropy becomes peer-to-peer, when power shifts from the center to the edges, when innovation comes from the bottom-up, when donors and recipients co-create social change, what happens? We don't know, but we're about to find out.

We welcome your participation in our unscripted experiment in trust. By joining hands, you are helping to shape a future rooted in celebration of abundance rather than fear of scarcity, in trust rather than trade, in shared commitment rather than selfishness, in connectivity rather than isolation, in participation rather than exclusion.


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Feature Project

We've been doing various virtual experiments and now our posse in Berkeley is starting their own local version of Trustosity. The idea is to give our nano, and even pico, grants that are rooted in the power of local community.

More on our Berkeley Chapter >>


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