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If you had an extra $100, how would you use it to bring more kindness in the greater Bay-Area?

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Yoga Mats For Prisoners
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Earth-Day Activity For a Marin Class
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Tagging An Artist
There is a beautiful little woman who has been anonymously leaving scores of hand made greeting cards at Karma Kitchen - Berkeley, a restaurant experiment in gift economy. She makes these touching cards with intricate and elaborately colorful drawings, and tucks away a dollar bill in each one with blessings of good will and joy. And the most amazing part is that, even to the most common KK volunteers and guests, the identity of this inspiring angel remains a mystery. With much investigation we were able to track down this wonderful soul and get her contact information. We proceeded to gift her a mini grant through our Berkley BFJ chapter, but not without our own attempt to replicate her creative beauty. At our last retreat, after we folded about $60 worth of one dollar bills into all kinds of shapes ranging from simple folds to origami bow-ties (symbolic bow of gratitude), I secured them in one giant card -- with hand made art and coloring, and added a framed art by the Devadosses. We had even attempted a Karma Tiffin offering with it, as seen in the photo. :) All this was offered as a humble gesture of gratitude for the KK artist who's touched so many hearts with her messages of love and kindness.

Surprise Photos To Make You Smile
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Describe how you gifted $100, how it made you feel, and what unexpected ripples were generated from it?

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What is Bread For the Journey?
BFJ, as we call it, is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that allows us to practice neighborhood philanthropy. This lets a donor to contribute in a tax-deductible way while still allowing that gift to ripples to many hands in small amounts. We have setup a formal BFJ-Berkeley chapter to engage in local, small-scale philanthropy.

Where do you get the money?
The seed money was gifted from various CharityFocus projects, like Karma Kitchen. We don't fundraise, but our hope is that our small acts of generosity will create community and generate enough ripples that we'll receive unsoliticed donations to keep the project going.

What is your criteria for giving?
Our two guiding criteria are: small and diverse. To that end, we give nano-grants of $100, and sometimes even smaller amounts ("pico grants" :)). Furthermore, our distributed model forces us to go broad through the deep ties of a community.

How can I get involved?
First, you can submit an idea to do something; if it is selected, we will invite you to join our next gathering. Second, if you like our model, you can donate to our chapter, so we can let the resources flow out in our trust-driven and ripple-oriented way. Third, you can give wings to any of the submitted ideas, by volunteering with them and/or connecting them to other like-hearted folks.

Can you tell us a little bit more about you?
How 'bout a photo? Here are some of the founding members of local posse:

Can I contact you?
Of course. We'd love to hear from you. Since we're volunteer run, we may not be able to respond to all emails right away, but we always try. :)


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