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A gift economy is an economic system in which goods and services are given freely, rather than traded. In a market economy, one's wealth is increased by "saving"; in contrast, in a gift economy, wealth is decreased by hoarding, for it is the circulation of the gifts within the community that leads to increase -- increase in connections, increase in relationship strength.

Generosity Entrepreneurs are cultural creatives who are deeply committed to the gift-economy. In India, we've piloted this project with six "Lok Mitra", and below are other love-warriors in the US.

Meet Some Generosity Entrepreneurs

Silas Haggerty
A soccer player goes on a trip to Africa and comes back a filmmaker!
Birju Pandya
When Columbia business school student gets $100, his life changes dramatically.
Sally Anderson
She's taught world religions, writing, ethics and philosophy in colleges, county jails and community centers.
Sukh Chugh
9/11 changed his life. And today's he's asking Los Angeles native to Be-The-Cause.
Carl Frankel
Some call him the Mayor of King City. An entrepreneur with a heart of gold!
Suzanne Schaffer
A meditation teacher, a mystic, a happy-go-lucky author of a book!
Richard Whittaker
Editor of a gift-economy magazine that features in-depth interviews with profound artists.
Adam Mastrelli
An Hollywood actor, a soccer professional, a socially conscious comedian!
Sandra Symes
A UK native, a writer who deeplys want be the change we wish to see in the world.

We encourage you to learn more about these warriors of compassion, and support their journeys with your time, treasure and talents!


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