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Join Now: How To Get Involved

There are multiple ways to get involved:

First: go out and do an act of kindness in your local community. Too often, in our ambitious drive to change the world, we forget that we are a part of that world we are trying to change.

Second: join a Smile Group. It requires a simple committment to do one extra act of kindness every week and connects you to thousands of others who have made that same committment.

Third: support a Generosity Entrepreneur. Take a look at our ever-expanding list of courageous souls who are stepping up to the plate to promote a world view of trust, abundance, and compassion.

Fourth: become a donor. With $500, we can create a local circle in a city of your choice.

We also welcome any and all your participation in our project. If you have ideas, inspiration or insights into anything we are doing, please do drop us a note anytime.



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Smile Cards

It's a game of pay-it-forward: anonymously make someone smile with an act of kindness, leave behind a card asking them to keep the ripple going. It's easy and fun.

Get Smile Cards!


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