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In a nutshell, this is how it works:

  1. A Trustee (T) selects five local GE's (Generosity Entrepreneurs) and emails them a $100 pay-it-forward gift certificate.
  2. To accept the offering, GE's create an online "generosity profile" which asks deep, reflective questions about why giving matters to him/her.
  3. Trustosity Fund will send a $100 check to the GE, following the online profile creation.
  4. GE's blog the entire process, with stories, photos, video and anything else that comes up.
  5. Post-$100, Trustee convenes local meeting with all GE's to share stories and harness synergistic ripple effects.
  6. If all five GE's successfully complete their projects, they pick next Trustee amongst them, who then selects the next five GE's to keep the chain going.

Each GE has the option to publicly share their generosity journey, and our hope is that by doing so, it will organically attract the time, resources and talents of like-hearted people.


  • Create online and offline communities rooted in generosity.
  • Catalyze peer-to-peer philanthropy, where everyone is a change agent.
  • Promote a trust based gift-economy -- giving without any strings attached.
  • Generate a transparent repository of ideas, people and resources.
  • Build distributed and decentralized systems for loosely connecting all change agents.
  • Search and amplify patterns of positive deviance.


  • How do you select the Trustees?
    Initially, our design team selects diverse Trustees in ten different cities. The next batch of Trustees are selected by graduating GE batch.

  • What are the restrictions placed upon GE's?
    The most fundamental rule is -- pay-it-forward to strangers. It is upto each GE to decide how to spend the money.

  • How can I start a circle in my neighborhood?
    If you donate $500, we can launch a circle by finding a Trustee in your own local community. We are fully volunteer-run and don't take any overhead costs.

  • Why can't I just do this on my own?
    You absolutely can! If we all come together, though, the stories, ideas and GE alumni can support each in creating more ripples.

  • Can I donate money to a particular GE?
    Yes. If you like what a particular individual is doing, we encourage you to send them a no-strings-attached gift.

  • Who provides the funding?
    You, the people who believe in a trust-driven world view. The distribution of the money, though, is done via Bread for the Journey.


More information about-us can be found in our history page. And we also encourage you to contact us anytime.


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