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smoothfeather, aka Silas Haggerty
Filmmaker in New York, NY

Current Mission Statement: To assemble a glorious posse of filmmakers and artists who act as warriors of compassion. We hit the road offerring the service of filmmaking to individuals and organizations around the world free of charge. My main goal is to inspire artists to create media content within the gift economy.

A Memorable Moment of Generosity: Riding my bike on the streets of New York, I was exhausted and I went to park my bike next to a parking meter. Just as I was about to take off my cycling shoes, I see this guy pull a chair behind me so I sit down and comfortably take off my shoes. He had a little table to sell some sunglasses, but in our brief yet powerful conversation, he told me that he was "free", unencumbered by the things of life. He was free to be who he was, free to be compassionate.

Interests: Soccer, Meditation, Youth, Films, Service

Favorites: By far, my favorite movie is Blue Diamond, because it exemplifies the spirit of a true warrior. The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse is my favorite book, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Rapture is probably my favorite musical album.

Most Powerful Volunteer Experience: In early 2007, a couple of us went to on a rather unexpected mission to capture the stories of some very accomplished people. We had no time on the agenda, no resources, and on equipment. Yet by the end of four days, we had captured interviews with 30 people, stayed up all night to produce a 7-minute collage that moved everyone to tears. It was an unforgettable experience.

All-time Favorite Quote: "Things you own, end up owning you." --Fight Club

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